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we  can refurbish alloywheels using the latest technolgy and can be done in any colour the customer wishes.  Refurbishment is usually done when the alloy has been damaged due to excessive kerbing of the kerb.


Below is some of the Alloys we have worked on.



In our custom work department we fit bodykits to every type and make of car, In some cases we can custom make our own bodykits using fibreglass.  As you can see from the photos below these are some of the custom jobs we ahve completed over the years and some which have gone on to be featured in car magazines.  You can have your can painted in any colour or you can go for more extreme chamges by using paint from house of coulour who specialise in out of the worls paints like, flip paint where the colour canflip between 2 or 3 colours depending how the lightsn hits the car or you can go for the newest paint on the market the marble effect paint.











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